What we do.

Depending on the challenge, our support may include the following:



We consider brands our clients’ biggest assets and help them develop relevant and distinctive brand strategies. We help food and beverage CPG companies and retailers build and sustain strong brands to create lasting bonds with consumers, customers, employees, and investors, driving higher sales and more stable profits.


Consumer insights

We help clients apply needs-based research and segmentation techniques that get to the real drivers of consumer behavior and help identify the most promising target groups. Our experts work with client data to move from data mining to actionable insights.


Capability building

Our marketing consultants draw upon a range of tools and training programs to help food and beverage CPG companies and retailers bring out the best in their in-house marketing teams. We apply diagnostic tools for assessing marketing capability and conduct hands-on workshops. We work with our clients to design marketing organizations and processes that support business objectives.


Corporate strategy/growth

Top-line growth is a key driver of total return to shareholders. We help clients identify and analyze their key drivers of growth relative to competitors. We engage with them on the outlook for future growth in light of their current portfolio, and we help them determine strategic actions to improve their growth trajectory. We also help clients understand and reap the benefits of scale.


Category strategy

We help manufacturers determine the optimal category strategy for their portfolio. Guiding questions include: What categories are most attractive? What are the category dynamics in these categories? How can further growth in developed categories be achieved?


Industry trends

We help clients understand the complex dynamics in the global consumer and retail environment. Our analyses typically cover macroeconomic development, trends in consumer behavior and demand, and customer dynamics. 


Risk management

Consumer companies are operating in an environment that is characterized by volatile commodity cost, changes in consumer confidence, and many other dynamic factors. We help clients decide how to operate in this environment and hedge the risk of future challenges.